Jerry Seinfeld Refers To John Dwyer As
“The Best Marketing Person He Has Ever Come Across” –
High Praise Indeed From One Of The
World’s Best-loved Entertainers!

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John Convinced Jerry To Front An Advertising Campaign For A Small Aussie Building Society


In John’s stage presentation, he provides a cheeky and entertaining insight of what it’s like to work with Jerry Seinfeld.

And he explains WHY Jerry’s campaign worked wonders and how this same marketing formula can create an avalanche of new clients for any business.

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If you’re looking for an engaging speaker who will ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE & MOTIVATE , you’ve arrived at the right place!

John will keep your attendees riveted with his quick wit and captivating stories about the world of marketing.

His proven “direct-response” marketing system has been responsible for avalanche sales increases for countless businesses.

And in his stage presentation, he gives everyone a sneak-peak behind the curtain of his most successful campaigns.


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He Has The Audience Spellbound With His “Behind-the-scenes” Tales Of Working With Jerry Seinfeld!

Jerry has only ever done two advertising campaigns in his career, one for American Express and the other for Microsoft.

Then a few years ago, along comes John Dwyer, representing his client, a small Australian financial institution called the Greater Building Society.

Now let’s keep in mind that according to Mashable (a Hollywood company that tracks the net worth of celebrities), Seinfeld’s net worth is an estimated $820 million.

He is reported to be the most elusive celebrity in America when it comes to getting him to endorse products or companies.

So how did John Dwyer talk him into doing TV ads for a small Australian bank?

That’s where John’s stage presentation becomes even more motivational for attendees, as he explains how a combination of persistence and craftiness got Jerry’s attention and ultimately, the deal across the line.

John explains that not many people realise it, but the first airing of the Seinfeld show in 1989 disappointed NBC executives and they decided not to proceed with any more.

He explains how Seinfeld convinced one NBC executive to “give it another shot” and through his own personal persistence, Seinfeld scored another 4 episodes – which of course we all know turned into one of the most successful, long-running sitcoms in television history.

In his presentation, John highlights that any successful person, celebrity or not, has an important quality that should be inspirational to everyone
– persistence.

During his presentation, John gives everyone an insight into what it’s like to work with Seinfeld, including:

  • What it’s like to be in a meeting with Jerry
  • What Jerry thinks of Australians’ sense of humour
  • How Jerry did his own precarious stunts during shooting
  • What Jerry is like when the camera is off
Behind-the-scenes Behind-the-scenes Behind-the-scenes Behind-the-scenes

Why Was John’s Seinfeld Advertising Campaign So Successful? And How Conference Attendees Can Walk Away With “The Secret Sauce!!”

In John’s talk, he reveals “the secret ingredients” to his Seinfeld advertising campaign which contributed to its phenomenal success. It’s one thing to have a major worldwide celebrity involved in your TV ads, but it’s another thing to devise a way to ensure this turns into extra sales for the advertiser.

Fact is that most “celebrity-led” marketing campaigns fail miserably – because they simply “label-slap” the famous person or sports star onto everything.

This is where John’s “marketing ingenuity” comes to the fore and he shows attendees the Wow Factor “direct response” formula he used in the Seinfeld campaign to ensure its success.

This is an unconventional marketing formula that everyone can take away and use in their own business.

And John explains that when first hearing of the formula, Jerry Seinfeld was against it – and proposed an alternative.

But when John explained the logic and rationale behind his “herbs and spices”, Jerry was onboard one hundred percent – and the rest is history.

And that’s the great thing about John’s Conference presentations, he pulls back the curtain and gives all attendees his “winning recipe” for attracting new clients – so they can implement his unique system in their own business.

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How The “Seinfeld Formula” Applies To The Marketing Of Every Business!

One of the reasons the Seinfeld sitcom was so incredibly successful was because of its “down-to-earthness”.

The characters were everyday people doing everyday things – but in an exaggerated fashion.


And that was the X-Factor to the show – it struck a chord with all of us, because it featured things that happen to all of us.................but Jerry and his team managed to exaggerate each situation to a hilarious level.

And in John’s presentation, he highlights how this strategy should be part of every business’s marketing and communications.

He demonstrates how many companies are way too stuffy when it comes to both internal and external communications – and how we should all “lighten up a bit” if we want to motivate staff and get the attention of prospective clients.

And just as the Seinfeld show “exaggerated” everyday events, businesses need to inject some “wow factor” adrenaline into their product or service offerings.

In other words, “turn up the volume” when it comes to making an offer to one’s target audience.

John lives and breathes his “wow factor mantra” and aside from the huge Seinfeld marketing coup, he demonstrates lots of other examples of winning ideas that leave the audience spellbound.

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John Will Show Everyone His Wow Factor “Marketing Formula” That Has Created Over $15 Billion Worth of Sales For His Clients!

When it comes to marketing one’s products or services, John tells the audience to “forget just about everything they’ve ever been told by advertising agencies or Uni lecturers”.

He admits that his wow factor marketing philosophy is unconventional – and he explains “that’s why it works”.

He cites that at one stage of his life, he and his wife had 6 children under 12 years of age – and during this time, he spent a gazillion dollars on McDonald’s Happy Meals – and it wasn’t because of the junk food, but rather because of the “wow factor” of the free plastic Disney toy!

In other words, Macca’s has successfully taken everyone’s eyes off the price and onto the “wow factor” toy.

And John shows his audience “how” to do this for any business.

He reveals his proprietary “Wheel Of Wow” marketing system and showcases a goldmine of creative marketing ideas that have proven to be winning concepts for his clients.

He shows his audience how to attract new customers, ones who pay more, stay longer and tell everyone about your product or service.

Given that John’s avalanche marketing tactics have resulted in over $15 billion worth of sales, he knows what works when it comes to building sales.

Marketing-Formula Marketing-Formula

He Shows Everyone How To Stop Competing On Price!

In his presentation, John explains “why” businesses shouldn’t price discount – he explains that it’s simply not sustainable.

He shows the alternative of “value-adding” and provides lots of case studies to demonstrate the power of his marketing mantra.

He also highlights that 95% of businesses don’t use direct-response marketing tactics – and shows his audience how to become part of the 5% of businesses that do!

During his delivery, he shows attendees how to attract new clients both offline and online – and here’s just some of the “nuggets of gold” he touches on:

  • How to transform one’s website from an “information portal” to a “24/7 sales juggernaut!”
  • How to market to your most profitable customers and exploit the 80/20 rule like never before!
  • How to increase your prices
  • The value of collecting a database
  • How to build repetitive traffic rather than just a one-hit wonder
  • The power of client testimonials
  • Ways of creating urgency in one’s marketing, so that prospects react fast!

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John’s TV Program, ‘Dreams Can Come True’, Will Inspire Everyone!

Part of John’s presentation is devoted to encouraging everyone to
“never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up.”

He highlights that every successful person has lived by this mantra and he encourages attendees to “keep going” no matter what obstacles they are facing.

He explains his own situation, where he experienced tremendous success in the early 90s, only to hit rock bottom in the mid-90s when one of the 25 employees in his marketing company made a horrific printing mistake that cost John millions.

He lost his home and all assets and had to start from scratch all over again.

John shows everyone how he made some very bold decisions at that time (one involving Steven Spielberg!) and within 14 months, paid back the millions of dollars to those he owed and set sail once again on his entrepreneurial journey.

He explains that at the depths of his despair, when he was forced to live in a one bedroom apartment with his wife and three children, he had a word with “the big guy upstairs”.

He asked for a helping hand and promised that if things turned around, he would do something big to inspire others that “dreams could come true”.

So when John bounced back, he kept his promise to “the big fella upstairs” and produced a national TV program called Dreams Can Come True.

john-TV-Program john-TV-Program john-TV-Program

A series of one-hour specials was picked up by the Ten Network and the program, hosted by Daryl Braithwaite, created tears of joy around the nation.

The program featured incredible dreams being delivered to worthy people who had suffered a tough break.

John shows a 5 minute snapshot of the program during his presentation, where Jay Campbell a 15 year old wheelchair basketballer, experiences the ultimate surprise of hearing he is going to Chicago to meet his hero, Michael Jordan.

John also arranged for a 13 year old cancer victim called Emma to meet her idol, Princess Di.

And he and his “Dream Team” arranged other amazing dreams to come true, such as homes being built, unlikely family reunions and surprise meetings with world-renowned celebrities.

And who did John rally to help make such dreams come true?

None less than Meatloaf, Michael Jordan, Princess Di, Paul Hogan, David Duchovny (X-Files), Steven Spielberg, Mal Meninga and lots of others!

Trust us, his “never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up” component of his delivery is one of the most motivational and uplifting presentations you’ll ever witness.

And when he closes with the 5 minute video montage of his Dreams Can Come True national TV program, there’s not a dry eye in the house!


Get Your Kleenex Out!


His Crescendo-build To This Exhilarating And Stirring Finish Keeps Everyone On The Edge Of Their Seats.

So There You Have It – A Unique Presenter Who Entertains, Educates, Inspires And Leaves Everyone Motivated To Get Out There And “Deliver The Unexpected!”

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